Συγγραφείς: Kirschenmann, Joerg , Syring, Eberhard
Εκδόσεις: Taschen
Επιμελητής:Goessel, Peter
Ημερομηνία Έκδοσης:1/1/2004

Εξαντλημένο από τον Εκδοτικό Οίκο

Softcover, flaps, 185 x 230 mm

Basic Art Series

The Modernist outsider

Basic Architecture features:

• Each title contains approximately 120 images, including photographs, sketches, drawings, and floor plans

• Introductory essays explore the architect’s life and work, touching on family and background as well as collaborations with other architects

• The body presents the most important works in chronological order, with descriptions of client and/or architect wishes, construction problems (why some projects were never executed), and resolutions

• The appendix includes a list of complete works, biography, bibliography and a map indicating the locations of the architect’s most famous buildings

German architect Hans Scharoun (1893-1972) studied and practiced architecture his entire adult life but did not build a major building until 1963 when his impressive Berlin Philharmonie finally came to life. The fact that he stayed in Germany during the Second World War prevented him from realizing grandiose projects and caused him to concentrate more on interiors than exteriors for many years. Nevertheless, Scharoun’s sculptural designs, influenced by the expressionist-utopian circle “Glaserne Kette” of which he was a member, did not go unnoticed and were among the best of his generation.

The authors:

Eberhard Syring received his PhD in architectural studies at the University of the Arts in Bremen, Germany, where he currently teaches the theory and history of architecture. He is the scientific director at the Bremer Zentrum fur Baukultur (b.zb).

Jorg C. Kirschenman studied architecture at the Universities of Stuttgart and Konstanz. He currently teaches urban design at the University of the Arts in Bremen.
Kirschenmann, JoergSyring, Eberhard
Goessel, Peter
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