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Εξαντλημένο από τον Εκδοτικό Οίκο

Softcover, Basic Series

"The rigid, straight line is fundamentally alien to humanity, life and the whole of creation". Hundertwasser applied this philosophy not only to the famous Viennese buildings for which he was renowned, but all the media and art-forms he has experimented with during his wild and crazy career. Whether it be painting, sculpture, performance art or designing a kindergarten, Hundertwassers works are multi-coloured, organic, and shot through with a sense of the magical or fantastic. However, there are principles operating behind these joyful bursts of gold and silver. Hundertwassers art has always contained a political shade. He has consistently rebelled against rationalist or determinist ideas, promoted ecological awareness, and mantained a passionate belief in the anarchy of the imagination. In this awesome retrospective, Pierre Restany covers all the bases of Hundertwassers eclectic development as an artist, from the tenant revolt and nude lecture of the early Seventies, through the housing projects in Vienna, right up to his designs for an alternative society.

The author:

Pierre Restany was born in 1930, and brought up in Morocco. He later studied in France, Italy and Ireland. In 1963 he worked on the art and architecture journal "Domus", and since 1985 he has edited the magazine "DARS". His meeting with Yves Klein in 1955 inspired his 1960 theory of Nouveau Realisme, and he founded an art-group of the same name in Paris. He has written and published extensively on the art of the twentieth century. He currently lives and works in Paris and Milan.

"An inveterate campaigner, Hundertwasser espoused ecological causes long before they were fashionable."

The European, London
Restany, Pierre
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