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Softcover, 284 x 365 mm


Hundertwassers cry of hope in beauty

Our epoch has found in the painter-king the most formidable accuser of totalitarian thinking, from nuclear energy to the organization of our living environment. He lives up totally to his way of seeing things, against the contradictions of our post-industrial society.

His trump card is his art, the creator of beauty: of natural harmony, peace and joy. The extra-lucid power of his analytical sensitivity makes him the perfect decoder of global culture and its guided information. He reveals the prodigious quality resources of naturist empiricism against the abusive uniformity of rationalist totalitarianism, against the tyranny of ugliness and the iron rule of its straight line.

It is all inscribed in his painting, which is the revelation of sensitivity, the open book of destiny; it translates intuition into images, and those images inspire the major orientations of his thinking and action. When concretized moreover, those orientations fit perfectly into the practical norms of his aesthetic. Based on the empirical, artisan and organic intelligence of man-nature relations, his project for society is a cry of hope in beauty, a sine qua non condition for human development.

Excerpt from: Pierre Restany, Hundertwasser, The Power of Art - The Painter-King with the five skins, Cologne, 1998, p. 94

The Hundertwasser portfolio features high quality prints that beg to be framed. Tucked in the portfolio are 14 large-format reproductions, each with a brief description.

Images included:

The Small Way, Kaurinui, 1991

European Twirling his Moustache, Burgeralm hut, Aflenz, 1951

Yellow Ships - Sea of Tunis and Taormina, Tunis - Taormina, 1951

Yellow Houses - It Hurts to Wait with Love if Love is Somewhere Else, Venice, 1966

Hommage au Tachisme, La Picaudiere, 1961

Winter Painting - Mister Snow, Venice, 1966

The Third Skin, Venice, 1982

Mourning Schiele, Lugano, 1965

Water Fire, Venice, 1991

Rain of Blood Dropping into Japanese Waters Located in an Austrian Garden, Tokyo, 1961

The 30 Days Fax Painting, Vienna, 1994

The Beard is the Grass of the Bald-Headed Man, La Picaudiere, 1961

Original poster Hundertwasser House, Vienna
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